Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Its been a little while so I thought I should do another post. Lots of ideas floating around my head just no real time to do this. Im on holidays from BC Transit for a week so I will make some time. I bought a new camera since mine is about 1 years old. I bought a canon 6D which is considered a prosumer camera since it has full frame technology and 20.2mp sensor. Yesterday afternoon I decided to hop on a bus and go down by the water to see if there was anything interesting. As I walked by a gate leading to a dock I could see something big on the dock. By the time I realized that it was a big otter taking a crap it jumped into the water.

A guy came up behind me and asked if he could help me and I told him what I saw and he said yeah that happens a lot. He works in the office right there and said they are cute but they are also a nuisance. Just then I noticed a Heron on one of their boats so I asked if he would mind if I went out there and tried to get a couple photos. He said sure but if I got a nice shot could I email him one. I said no problem. So he unlocked the gate and I started to sneak as close as I could. I was creeping along a boat watching not to step in all the otter poop and camera ready in case I startled the Heron. All of a sudden I heard a noise and it startled me and I watched the otter jump off the deck of the boat i was beside and dissapear into the water. It scrared the crap outta me but I held it in and didnt scare the bird away.

I got fairly close to him/her before it flew away. I took a lot of photos as usual but didnt get carried away. I then took a few abstract photos before I continued down town.

It was a very nice day probably about plus 10. I had to wear my hoodie close to the water but a short sleeve T shirt was good enough every where else. I decided to walk down closer to the Empress hotel and parliment buildings to take a few more shots then head up to a bus stop and head home. I have to read up on the camera to figure out some of the new settings but I really like the feel of it and of course the results.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Going through hundreds of photos from watching RPG live in Highrock or Cairn Park. Just after we moved in Patty and I saw a group of people going into the park with a lot of gear. A few days later we saw them again and I was out walking Dante so I talked to a couple of them. They meet every Wednesday and Sunday at 3:30. Yesterday I was out walking Dante when they were heading into the park so I went home and got my camera. I asked if they would mind before I started shooting. Its been a while since I took some photos and it sure felt good. I'll post photos soon!