Wednesday, November 30, 2005

First Post

I've decided to start a photo blog to post some pictures I have taken with my Canon Power Shot G2 digital camera. I've been taking pictures for over 30 years. I've gotten lucky over the years and have taken some pretty good shots. The past 3 years I've used a digital camera and I've enjoyed it so much I'm thinking about getting a new camera. I'm looking at the Canon Digital Rebel XT. I've read up on it and have heard lots of good things. If I fall into some extra money I might go to the Canon 20D digital SLR camera. I also want to join Photo Friday. It's a web site that posts a photo assignment every friday and then you put your interpretation on your web site and then post the link on their web site. I think this could be fun. The first couple photos I'll post are from V.I. Raiders football games. I've taken over 1000 shots maybe even over 2000 from their first season in the B.C.F.C. Hope you enjoy my pictures and please feel free to post your comments.