Friday, May 05, 2006

Challenge "Adolescence

Here is my post for this challenge. I have never posted 2 pictures before but I truly miss these two young ones.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Stoney Creek Battlefield

The other day I decided to go take some pictures of Stoney Creek Battlefield. I had been there a few times but never in the house or in the tower. I paid the 5 bucks and was reminded of what I should have remembered learning about in grade 7. I just remember being fascinated that the war was fought in and around the area we lived. Some of the details from school came back to me as I was listening to the tour guide. I won't go into all the details but just a few facts.

The Tower was built 100 years later and is 100 feet tall to celebrate 100 years since the war in 1913. It opened exactly 100 years after the battle on June 6, 1913.

The House is more 1830 than 1813. The basement walls and ceiling beams are original from 1813 but the dirt floor is now cement. The upstairs was modified a few times from 1 floor then expanded wider then a second floor was added to accommodate a growing family. The house was later sold and the people did an add-on to one side. After it was bought for the museum the expansion was removed but later on another expansion was added to the other side for storage. All the furnishings are from around 1825 - 1830 and most of it belonged to the original owners the Gage's given to the museum by a grandchild.