Saturday, October 21, 2006

Something for Patty

It has been approx. 30 days in a row that I have seen at least one deer. Some days there are 5 or 6. I've sat and talked to them, or sat in my car and watched them and on the odd occasion I have fed them. I have a bag of apples and carrots in my car. The woman of the house where I'm living at the moment doesn't like me feeding them because they eat her flowers. Also I have fed them the last couple days and now we have 2 females living in the back yard and about 3 males that show up out front looking for me to feed them. This morning on my way out I saw a 3 point buck who is about the biggest deer I've seen on the island so I had to take some pictures. They do not grow big around here for some reason.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

B.C. Lions game

The rights to these photos are owned by the B.C. Lions football club and cannot be used with out their written consent as well as mine. They are here for your viewing pleasure only !

Whats a football game without cheer leaders ?