Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tennessee 3 minus one

Friday night Ben and I went to see The Tennessee 3 band that backed up Johnny Cash for over 30 years. The Drummer W.S. Holland was with Johnny for almost 50 years after being fired by Carl Perkins. Bob Wootton joined Johnny Cash in 1968 after 2 of the band members missed their flight and Johhny had no guitar player.

The concert started off with a oppening act who just happens to be Bob Wootton's daughter Scarlet. She was pretty good doing some old country songs and a couple that she wrote that sound like they are old country.

Then the lights went dim and you could see a couple people standing on the stage and a recording started talking about the Man In Black. They would mention a few things about him then they would see that he may be gone but will never be forgotten when you here this sound and youd here the oppening guitar riff from Folsom Prison Blues then they would talk more and play the riff again and then they said and now the band behind the man and the Tennessee three started playing. On most songs if you closed your eyes you could picture Johhny Cash up there singing because Bob Wootton sounds an awfull lot like him.

Here are a few pictures from the show. I had taken my old digital camera because I was told no photography but they said before the concert started photos were allowed but please no video.


The Tennessee Three

The drum solo

Ben with the Tennessee Three

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Tool handles and sharpening stone

nuts bolts fasteners and a huge wrench

wrench nuts and bolts

Inspection lamp

Wallet and Toronto trolly tickets

baggage ticket and pen and pencil

Old leather trunk

Same leather trunk

First class room

First class room

Third class room

Pendulum lamp

First class sink and toothpaste jar

Cherub at the bottom of the forward grand staircase

Razor blade and toiletry jar

Soap dish toothbrush and medicine bottle

Chamber pot and fixtures

ventilating port hole

Creamer sugar bowl spoons and other ceramic items

Table ware

Brush and mirror handle

Old work boot

Bowls as they were found on the ocean floor

Port hole window

Main doors from first class. This room was so dark you couldn't see the people behind the doors

Hat and slippers

Vest Tie and pants belonging to William Henry Allen

Playing cards tool handles old envelope postmarked Dec 10, 1912