Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rebels @ Raiders Sept 26, 2009

Well the game today lived up to what I was expecting. Lots of flags, some missed calls and a Raiders victory. The Raiders took a lot of stupid penalties (in my opinion) especially in the first half. The Raiders gave up the ball too much and luckily the Rebels only capitalized once on a turnover getting their only touch down defensively. The Raiders got down to the shadow of the goal line a few times but seem to cough up the ball time after time.

I have to say I don't like the way they have put each team on the opposite side of the field especially because I had to listen to the Rebel coaches whine about almost every play. They would get all excited when they stopped the Raiders or the Raiders took a penalty or gave up the ball saying the wheels are falling off the game is ours but then they couldn't do anything with the ball themselves. I tried to stay impartial as I haven't been with the Raiders the past 2 seasons but I did start to cheer them (The Raiders)on a bit in the second half.

Raiders bench did get a penalty and the Rebels bench followed up later in the game with a coach getting ejected. A Rebels player got a penalty for roughing the kicker and all the coaches thought it was partially blocked. I honestly do not know and it could have been because it was close but the Raiders kicker had shanked a couple previous kicks and the refs did not see it. The Rebels coaches didn't complain when their QB went down and the trainer went out to him on the field but the player told him to leave him. The trainer was more than 20 yards onto the field its not like he just stepped onto it a foot or two.I seen it recently on a CFL game that if the trainer goes out onto the field the player must go off. Not that it mattered because the Raiders defense stopped them on the next play.

Well it is what it is and always has been between these two teams. I try to stay impartial but I am and always will be a V.I. Raiders fan. The first 2 years I was with the Raiders and felt like a team member. I hung out with some players got to know the families and like today I ran into Scott Dixon's parents at the game and it was great seeing them and getting to chat with them. The 3rd year was a little different and I was married so I pulled myself back a bit. I did help out till the end of the third year. Last year I took photos for the league and the papers and I'm doing the same now. I'm working on a slide show for the Raiders team with photos from every game I've been too. I'll get it to Hadi at the end of the season. One more home game and then the playoffs and then I'll decide about next year. I'll still be a fan and may go to a couple games but maybe just as a fan. Maybe go out to some local kids football to take photos who knows.

The half time ceremony was a bit of an emotional experience. The team has decided to retire #97 Jake Cody's jersey number. Jake was a player from the first year when on the first play of the first pre season game he suffered a broken neck ending his career and crippling him. The team and members of the community pulled together and raised money to help Jake and his family on the road to his recovery. I went over to see Jake a couple times in the hospital and then later on a GF Strong. I have to admit it was tough on me the first time I seen him and all he could move was his baby finger. I couldn't imagine what it was like on his family. Here was a young man I worked with that was full of energy and into all kinds of sports now in bed told he wouldn't walk again. With Grit and determination Jake fought back and showed the Dr's that he wasn't going to take this laying down. Today Jake is leading a pretty normal life. He walks with canes, drives, has his own house and works at Atlas Truss. He has been a coach of the football team but I think he just wants to move ahead and get on with his life after the injury. Good for him!!! People that were around before during and after the injury will never forget and I know Jake will never forget as well.

Ok now on to the photos and getting ready for next weeks game against the Rams!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Chilliwack Huskers vs V.I.Raiders Sept 12, 2009

For the second straight game the V.I. Raiders were without all star running back Andrew Harris. Andrew was still nursing his injury but on the road to recovery. He says he will be ready for the Victoria Rebels game but I hope he doesn't rush it just to prove a point to the Rebels. He should let his fellow players do that for him.

The Huskers are an improved team but the V.I. Raiders are just too strong for them. The Huskers might have even scored first if I remember correctly but I'm sitting here with a pounding head and the shivers from a very bad cold plus I'm getting old LOL. The Raiders have always (in my opinion) been a team that is very slow to start but then once they get rolling nothing stops them on offense and defense! That is pretty much how this game went with the V.I. Raiders topping the Huskers 54 - 14.

The Raiders had a bi week but were not allowed to have any time off. The second half of the season isn't any easier and the play offs are coming soon. This week the Rebels next week the Rams who are doing very well this year. The last 2 weeks the Raiders are away, first in Okanagan and then in Chilliwack. Then it is playoff time where the winner of the BCFC will host the Championship game this year!