Sunday, November 15, 2009

Here are some shots from the Canadian Junior Football League Championship game held in Nanaimo B.C. played between the Edmonton Wildcats and the V.I. Raiders. It was an overcast day and not my finest hour in shooting football photos but here is some of the better shots that I got. The V.I. Raiders won by a score of 51 - 14 in what started out looking like it was going to be a close game but ended up being a blow out. The V.I. Raiders had a perfect season this year! Congrats to them all and for the graduating players good luck and live a happy and safe life.

2 players on the team that I have grown to know pretty well over their 5 years with the Raiders will be moving on to other things next year. Bronson Nichols I'm not sure of what he'll be doing maybe some schooling or just getting down to working a regular full time job. Andrew Harris will be moving on to the CFL if I have anything to do about it LOL. I think Andrew has the skill and talent to move on but he has to find a team that wants a Canadian running back. Edmonton and Hamilton have both used them in recent years. I couldn't be happier if Andrew found himself on my Hamilton Ti-Cats, which by the way play in their first post season game in over 5 years, in the next couple hours.

Congrats to all the players, coaches, volunteers and Hadi and Fiona and another great football team/season on the Island. Looking forward to see what they produce next season!